Map of No-go areas #Germany

THE ORIGINAL – LIST IS CONTINUALLY UPDATED ⛔ No-Go-Areas – link to definition (german) – Below the list of the most dangerous places and places in Germany: THE ORIGINAL – list is constantly updated + chronologically by alphabet:

Bad Kreuznach, Kirschsteinanlage, fishing place (former “ Wollf’scher garden „) and castle park

⛔ Berlin Alexanderplatz U-Bahnhof

Berlin, Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf, Joachimsthaler Straße

„There are also thefts of drug addicts, as well as cases of prostitution and bodily injury.“ – Source: © 2017

Berlin, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Lausitzer Platz

  • It is also known as Lauterplatz or Lausi and especially at night a drug trafficking center. It also comes to bodily injury. The dealers are from Africa and Southern Europe. – Source: © 2017

Berlin, Friedrichshain, Revalerstraße, RAW-Gelände

VIDEO Berlin, Friedrichshain RAW-Gelände – wie unsicher ist die Partylocation wirklich? REPORTAGE HD (VIDEO Berlin, Friedrichshain RAW area – how uncertain is the partylocation really? REPORT HD)

  • On Facebook a mail from the singer Jennifer Rostock eagerly extended. She told me about a case that almost died: „… I was on saturday with friends in the astra in friedrichshain, when I wanted to go home with a friend, … two little boys, my wallet from mine Belt bag. “ But she noticed the thieves. When her companion pushed one of them away, he tore a chain from his neck. The 26-year-old companion had held the perpetrator. But suddenly three other people had joined the other side of the road. „Everything went pretty fast.“ Weist called for help, two men came. „But it was too late.“ One of the attackers pulled a knife and stabbed. The blade hit Wey’s companion at the neck and had missed just the batting. „It was only a few millimeters missing and he would have died right in the street in my arms,“ ​​writes Weist, who himself remained uninjured. The police confirmed their presentation on request.
  • Singer Weist warns „all Berliners and tourists of Berlin“ before a big gang. Nobody should be on the RAW site in the dark alone. „These people are insanely dangerous and do not shrink from killing for a crappy chain.“

    According to the police, it is not yet possible to say whether a gang is at work here. At the club „Astra“, where Weist and their companion according to Facebook celebrated before the attack, one has not heard of the two raids yet. Are Taschendiebstähle generally a problem? „You know Revaler, do not you?“ A colleague says. In fact, the RAW site on Revalerstrasse is considered a „priority area of ​​police measures“. In other words, the officials are frequently patrolled and held uniformed or in civilian search – especially after drug-dealing. Particularly at the weekend, the police often have to deal with cases of theft and robbery. Because then, especially many tourists are on the road. And the later the evening, the more the alcohol decimates their mindfulness. The RAW site is regarded as a „crime-prone place“. 


Berlin, U Kottbusser Tor 

VIDEO: Kottbusser Tor 24 h – Unterwegs mit Polizei u. Versteckter Kamera  (VIDEO: Kottbusser Tor 24 h – on the way with police & Hidden camera)

  • The Berliner Zeitung reported:…. The Kottbusser Tor has always been a rough, difficult place, but for a few months it has been the impression that this is a kind of crisis area. There is an „angstraum“, a „no-go area“ where people are robbed and threatened with knives. The most dangerous place in Berlin was the Kottbusser Gate, it is said. The figures of the Berlin police seem to confirm this assessment. There is a rise in crime in the area. In 2015, the recorded drug addicts more than doubled with around 340 cases compared to the previous year … „Source: © 2017“


Berlin-Neukölln, especially Hermannstraße,

  • A crime center due to the number of raids on passers-by and trafficking, bodily harm, illegal gambling, and rival clans.
  • A commentator writes, „It is the Kiez, which kills most of all kiezen in Berlin. Try shooting guns is something for which the police does not even drive, who has what against it at 130 km / h in a 30er zone flattened , the local coke Mafia, the rifle is held to the head, burglaries over the house roofs, drugs at night into the houses, BUT: the helicopter in black flies almost always over the roofs, but there is coal for it the Hermannstrasse with the bike, that is for life tired, do the 5 times and one has an „event“ with the local specialization. „

Berlin-Neukölln, Volkspark Hasenheide

  • „The bushes behind the monument belong to the dealers, young black Africans who sell Hashish there, leaning against trees, peering nervously in all directions, and then addressing passersby:“ How much do you need, „“ good stuff “ „In front of them, on the main road, joggers turn their rounds, mothers push strollers, women run their dogs, everyday life in the Hasenheide, a place that the police classified as“ dangerous. „Because in the park and around more But it is not the case that the crime scene is a crime, but it is not a crime that is a crime, but a crime is a crime The blacks are asylum-seekers who earn a bit of money with the hashish sale, the big deal with the drugs make others Amongst them there is especially the May days, a rummel with a ferris wheel. Then foreign traders push into their territories and all go loose with slats and bars. The outside is not affected. The police are often close by. From spring to late autumn, raids are held one or more times a day, in winter less. Then a dozen officials sweep through the terrain and attack the traders they can grasp. There are not many. „- abridged text from Source: © 2017

Berlin, Rigaer Straße

  • The Kiez around the Riga street is the Hochburg of the left-wing automakers, cars are always lit or demolished and fires are put to deter stragglers. „Police officers, the Kiez is therefore considered a“ dangerous place „, where officials can inspect without cause a person was beaten last Wednesday, / © 2017

Berlin, Schönleinstraße U-Bahn Station

Berlin, Stuttgarter Platz (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)

  • This area along the S-Bahn route is a transshipment site of hard drugs. S-Bahn and the U7 are intersecting. An ideal arrival and departure point for dealers and junkies. Source: © 2017

  Berlin, Underground line 8 between the stations Heinrich-Heine-Straße and Osloer Straße

Berlin, Wedding Leopoldplatz

  • Above all, drug trafficking and abuse as well as brawls are registered here by the police. In addition, there are always accidents and also Taschendiebstähle. Source: © 2017

Bielefeld, Neighborhoods of Baumheide and Stieghorst

  • Neue Westfälische reported:„…„One of the ugliest corners of Bielefeld, the district around the streets of Roggenkamp, Osterkamp and Gerstenkamp (Stieghorst district) resembles a garbage heap on bad days, at least at a collection point for shopping carts the Conti-Bronx is known for bulky rubbish heaps and dirt. „At least 50 were and still lay in the shadow of the high-rise buildings in the area on Monday.


Bad Godesberg, Parks

Bonn, Tannenbusch Mitte

VIDEO Bonn Tannenbusch | Parallelwelt mit großer Salafistenszene u. radikalen Anwerbern (VIDEO Bonn Tannenbusch | Parallel world with large Salafists scene u. radical recruiters)

Bonn, Beuel-Ost

Bonn, Auerberg-Ost

Bremen-Blumenthal, George-Albrecht-Straße

  • The Bremen district has been the focus of politics because of persistent problems among the residents. Robbery, burglaries and youthful pastoral pastors, politicians and social workers from Blumenthal sound alarm. In the „Blumenthal Declaration“, signed by the Bockhorn community and other Protestant communities from Blumenthal – as well as local office leader Peter Nowack (SPD) and representatives from local education and social work as well as private persons, it says: „It is not a question that parts of Blumenthal to the right-free space. “ The author of the statement, local director Peter Nowack (SPD) says youthful intensive offenders thought they could do what they wanted in Blumenthal. In particular, he is targeting the German-Arab youth group „Los Arabs“: „They laugh at us because they do not feel any hard punishment,“ Nowack says. It could not be that people from other districts and non-Bremer came to Blumenthal to become violent there.

Bremerhafen, Lehe district, northern port road

VIDEO: Bremerhaven-clan greift Polizei-an-beamte-werden-mit-zerschlagenen-flaschen-attackier_news

Brühl, Rhein-Erft-Kreis in NRW, Nord-Süd-Weg u. Balthasar-Neumann Platz

  • Tip of a resident: „The north-south route from Brühl north to Brühl Mitte is not recommended in the dark!“
    Resident two: „Balthasar-Neumannplatz in the evening I also avoid and as already written the north-south way.“

  ⛔ Cottbus Puschkinpark

Dietzenbach, Laufacher Straße

⛔ Dortmund, Innenstadt-Nord

⛔ Dortmund, Dietrich-Keuning-Park

The „Keuningpark“, also known as the „anxiety-space„, is dangerous at night.

Dortmund Malingrodt/ Münsterstr.

Dortmund Neuscharnhorst

Duisburg-Hochheide, Duisburg-Homberg, Duisburg-Hochfeld, Duisburg-Bruckhausen

Commentator: This „are definitely failed areas“. Only an army could do something here. „

  Duisburg, Marxloh

  • Duisburg’s Marxloh district, one of the most problematic in Germany, has been described as „a memorial to Germany’s failed integration policy.“ More than half of the district’s 20,000 inhabitants are migrants. They come from than 90 different countries. More than half the residents in Marxloh live on welfare.In a story entitled, „Duisburg-Marxloh: How a German Neighborhood Became a No-Go Zone,“ N24 Television described the decline of the area:„Once Duisburg-Marxloh was a popular shopping and residential area. Now clans claim the streets for themselves. The police are powerless. The descent of the district is nightmarish.„Police will enter some parts of Marxloh only with reinforcements. Several patrol cars are needed to respond even to commonplace rear-end collisions. Too often, they are surrounded by an aggressive mob, spat upon and threatened. Last year, police were deployed to Marxloh more than 600 times with four or more patrol cars. This summer, the neighborhood descended even deeper into a spiral of violence. Family clans claim streets for themselves. Citizens hardly dare to go outside at night. In the smallest matter, violence is kindled.“
    • Inside Duisburg-Marxloh: Ein Stadtteil zwischen Alltag und Angst HIER AUF AMAZON BESTELLEN
    • Franz Voll from „Team Wallraff“ was on the road in Marxloh for a month. He has spoken with long-term residents and new immigrants, has interviewed celebrities, politicians and policemen. His conclusion: Learning from Marxloh means avoiding the same mistakes elsewhere. This book is the portrait of a special district and its people – investigative journalism, professionally researched, with shocking truths and astounding insights.


    panikalarmuhrAlarm clock with an intensity of up to 130 Db -what will drives the offender out.  – available online here –As a problem center, Duisburg-Marxloh has become very well known since 1.5 years ago the police department spoke of a right-free area. The image of the no-go area has not changed Merkel’s subsequent visit.

    Düren, Breslauer Straße

    Hanau Downtown – Freiheitsplatz, Marktplatz, Altstadt from evening

  • „The police consider the freedom center … as a crime center, and over a longer period of time there has been an accumulation of criminal offenses, for example, a man, 24 years old, is currently on trial when the police struck him, stuck in his trouser collar a loaded and assured frightening gun, another example: two young people were beaten by six others in January, one was injured, the other a broken leg in the shadow of a tree, a group of teenagers is sitting in the shade of a tree. Ten, eleven boys. They too in sneakers, jogging pants, hooded sweaters and dark jackets – the eggs clothing this evening on this place. Gangster-like appearance. The fight in the Schlossgarten? „Why do you ask us this? Do you think we were? Do you think someone tells you the truth? „The guys tell them they are from Afghanistan. Some of them live in supervised housing groups, some in families. They say that they are on the Freedom Square every weekend to chill. … But if you ask other youths who are waiting for the buses to go to the „Chillers of Freedom Square“, they say that it has been getting worse and worse for some time. That it is always the same cliques trying to prove themselves by stress. That they take drugs. That you should avoid the place in the evening. „I would never go to them alone,“ the young people say. „They always have knives.“ That sounds like it is heard elsewhere. „
  • Insider report by Dürener: „… From shooting, to physical attacks on civil servants, unfortunately normal everyday life, and we are not a big city.“

Düsseldorf, „Maghreb“-Viertel

Erkrath, Hochdahl

Essen-Altenessen, nördliche Innenstadt und Kaiserpark

VIDEO Essen: Live aus der No-Go Area Essen-Nord: Hier haben Libanesen-Clans das Sagen WDR Lokalzeit Ruhr

Frankfurt am Main, Bahnhofsviertel

Freiburg, Stühlinger Kirchplatz (hinter dem Bahnhof)

VIDEO Freiburg, Stühlinger Platz | Gefährlichste Stadt Baden-Württembergs? HD

  • Freiburg Insider: „Freiburg has several absolute no-go areas, and armed policemen are constantly running around, which is very sad, but the reality is even worse in our country.“


The „Frankfurter Neue Presse“, entitled in an article , „Neighborhoods in NRW: No-Go Areas and Parallel Societies,“ reports that Kurdish, Lebanese and Romanian clans have divided up the Gelsenkirchen districts of Bismarck, Rotthausen and Ückendorf, and around the central station. In these areas, the clans „claim individual streets for themselves.“

In Gelsenkirchen, Kurdish and Lebanese clans are vying for control of city streets, some of which have become lawless zones that are increasingly off limits to German authorities. In one incident, police were patrolling an area in the southern part of the city when they were suddenly surrounded and physically assaulted by more than 60 clan members. – According to

Inside Germany’s No-Go Zones: Part I – North Rhine-Westphalia by Soeren Kern

⛔ Gelsenkirchen – behind the main railway station

⛔ Gelsenkirchen Rotthausen

⛔ Gelsenkirchen Ückendorf

⛔ Gelsenkirchen Bismarck

⛔ GelsenkirchenNeustadt

⛔ Ein Bereich der Gelsenkirchener Innenstadt rund um die Bochumer Straße

Die badische Zeitung wroted: „As if led by Ghosthand, 50 to 60 Lebanese sometimes revolve around boycotting driving tests and person controls.“ There is a spit on the patrol car. The whole front disc is overpriced. They are aggressive to the point, „reports Ralf Feldmann, head of the police station in Gelsenkirchen south. His people often hear:“ Skin off here! The road belongs to us, you have nothing to report here. „Or:“ I fuck you on the back of your mother. “
Extremely high youth unemployment and scrap real estate, vacancy, tristesse – many Germans have long since fled. More and more Internet cafes, betting offices and shisha bars are located here. Youth unemployment is exorbitantly high. Ninety percent of the Lebanese youths are reported to have no school qualification and training. For Feldmann, aggression and disrespect are part of the police day. Sometimes the officials were thrown with illegal bombers. The 56 year old watchdog has grown thick over the years. He has often heard the word „bull“ enough, he does not find it abusive anymore. „

Gelsenkirchen-Schalke, Leipziger Straße 

On the Leipziger Straße in Schalke, citizens see the social peace in their neighborhood at risk, they report on threats and drug trafficking, residents of the district are concerned, are afraid, often threatened, harassed and offended The local police (KOD), who are reporting on gangrenos by children ’s bands, who are present to „ring storms or to beat doors and windows until the nerves are bare.“ Then from „used toilet paper flying over the fence“ to to sexist insults of the most vulgar sort. „Rejoice over every day when we let you live you’re your turn, „a local resident threats the men. Children also participated in the abuse, such as „Schnauze, my father has a gun.“ The residents, professionals like pensioners, are intimidated. They do not „turn“ to the KOD, the police does not. … „


Halle-Neustadt, Hochhaussiedlungen

Hamburg, Jungfernstieg ab abends

VIDEO: Hamburg Jungfernstieg | Abends Angstraum? Veränderung vor Ort | Mehr Polizeieinsätze

From the „living room of Hamburg“ to the dangerous battle arena. There is a group of inline riders, the „free-skaters“ who snake through colorful hats almost every afternoon. After dark, the mood changes. Many of them then leave the place usually like a fleecy, they say the mood is just too aggressive. For then groups of young men now populate the stone staircases; a mixture of Arabic and Farsi lays down over the square. It is, as the world writes, „the largest youth center in Hamburg, without the help of a guardian …. A martial arena, with stabs, headnuts and broken beer bottles, with boys in search of Adrenalinkick and frightened passersby I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the end of the year one of the barking captains, who has to know from the daily outlook, says: „It’s getting worse and worse.“ The bumbers would regularly get stuck on the stone steps if they did not get out of their way in time But it ’s not just the hard stats, it‘ s the feeling that here something could explode, he misses the police here, along the S is not visible. The first, when it was urgent, with Blaulicht and siren down the ballindamm. But in the one minute, which the cars from the Steindamm to the jungfernstieg needed, most beaters had long since gone. „The reporter Philipp Woldin reports in his video of shocking scenes: Source:

Harsewinkel (Kreis Gütersloh), Nordstraße

A resident: „Foreign unemployed and refugees are housed there in ugly high-rise buildings that do not fit into the town.
As a woman, I avoid this area in the evenings, especially because it is ill-lit. In addition, there is hardly any people there (small foot and bike path through the residential blocks). „ der-Innenstadt.html?archiv=1—Polizei-greift-durch.html

⛔ Hannover Raschplatz (hinter dem Hauptbahnhof)

VIDEO: Persischer Clubbesitzer des Monkey’s aus Hannover am Raschplatz: „Die Stimmung kippt“Insider tips and testimonials from Hannovers Schmelztiegel:
Hanover 1 writes: „From 7 pm No go Area – Formerly a drug drill, today many asylum seekers. As a woman, you do not have to go long.
Hanover 2: „Now this has definitely changed, in former times it was not so.“
Clubchef Kasi Hashemi of the Monkey’s at Raschplatz tells the reporter that „everything has become much more penetrating.“
His doorman reports that he is thrown with stones and bottles, there is an aggressive basic mood. However, the staff and boss are told to have kept silent even in the attempted rape of a discogger of 6 foreigners in front of their own club. One speaks in the video of prohibitions of thought and the concern, even as Persian with German passport as right-radically be stamped.

⛔ Kassel, Area around the „star“

Residents reported: „… you go there very badly even by day.“

⛔ Koblenz – Asterstein

Koblenzer reports: „As a person born here, I can enlighten: In Koblenz -“ Asterstein „live ONLY Gypsies, there is NO the gypsy, point, the city Koblenz has pounded its own concrete settlement …“

Cologne, station forecourt Cologne Domplatte

⛔ Köln Chorweiler

⛔ Köln, great parks from the evening

  • Note: Be careful when entering the dusk

GRAFIK Kriminalität in Kölner Stadtteilen


Was ist besser: Pfefferspray, Pfeffergel, Pfefferschaum oder Pfefferspray-Pistole

Armband mit integrierter Alarmfunktion. Designed wie eine Sportuhr, perfekte Bewachung

Köln, Ebertplatz

Köln, Eigelstein

Köln Kalk

Köln-Meschenisch, Kölnberg Tower block

Köln, Porz-Finkenberg:

The madness is everyday. Mudflats lie in front of the houses, broken sidewalks, moss clogs the fountains of the fountains. Before the slide on the children’s playground lie shards and huntsman’s bottles. On the footpath next to the playground, in a crooked gap between two sidewalk slabs, a dead rat clamps and everywhere lies dew dredge. Porz-Finkenberg has long been a difficult neighborhood. In the Cologne district near the airport, one in three inhabitants of social assistance lives. – 41 per cent of the working population is unemployed. „The violence in the families we can observe very well in our kindergarten“, says the nurse Natascha M. „Many of the children grow up without fathers, because they are in jail. Also the children are underdeveloped because of traumatic experiences in the family. They need exercise and speech therapies to be on the level of peers. „- Source: ©2017    Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Horror im „Folterkeller“

Köln Vingst

Köln, Wiener Platz

⛔ Leipzig Connewitz, Eisenbahnstr.

No go area for police, Eisenbahnstraße – No go area for the population!

One inhabitant reports: „In Connewitz are the left autonomous …, therefore a no go area for the police and on the railway road are very many migrants … if it gets dark, you do not want to be there (drugs, violence, robbery , ….) …. I lived 7 years in the railway road, the worst of my life! “ Here is a report on the situation of Saxony TV:

Leipzig, Leipziger Rosental Park

 Women should do not go jog to their own safety in this park during the day and after dusk without attendance.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Berliner Platz:

Ludwigshafen, the most unfriendly city for women: „Ludwigshafen is particularly bad at cutting crime. 203 women per 10 000 inhabitants were victims of a criminal offense in 2014 – so the city is the backdrop in Germany. Also, in proportion to the size of the town, nowhere more women showed rape or sexual coercion. „Textquelle entnommen von Focus

Luebeck, Aegidienstr.


Munich railway station district at evening

original: „Too uncertain: hotel in the railway station loses airline crew as customersThe Maritim hotel has lost a flight line as a customer. Reason: The stewardesses logging here felt too insecure in the station district. Loss: several hundred thousand euros. Munich – grapes from day-trippers, beggars, dealers: stewardesses of an international airline no longer felt safe when they had to leave the main railway station at the Goethestraße after a hard day. The airline announced the contract with the hotel „Maritim“ at the end of June.“

⛔ Neuried, Bridge to France (Pierre-Pflimlin Bridge)

Insider reports: „French soldiers are patrolling the border crossing, which used to be a quiet place without problems.“

Schifferstadt Süd-Bahnhof

Insider warns against this place because of theft and drug trafficking with Crack

Stadtallendorf (Hessen) from Niederkleinerstrasse, direction Niederklein

Residents reported: „According to police, a No Go Area, our home is surrounded, we are constantly bullied by vandalism and bodily injury, Turks‘ attacks (see police watch display)“

Solingen, Konrad Adenauer Str. 

No go area Tipp: „From the „Schlagbaum“ to the Count Wilhelmsplatz“

Velbert Nordpark

Wanne-Eickel,  Innenstadt

At evening

Wiesbaden, Bergkirchenvirtel & Nerostrasse, City center around state parliament and state chancery

Insider hints: „Crime by V-people and police by KO drops in bars, restaurants and hotels.“

Worms railway station, city center, neighborhoods Neuhausen, Pfiffligheim, Herrnsheim

In an interview with the german Sat1 magazine „Akte“, Joachim Lenders (Deputy Chairman of the Police Union) warned in an interview:

„Within a few years, there will be“ police zones „in many cities, especially in the countryside and in the countryside Police the security others – including rocker gangs, large criminal families and the Mafia. „

Lenders appeals to the judges in Germany, but the criminal law to be fully exploited and to make tougher judgments.

„Tatort Unterwelt“ is very close to the criminal parallel companies through authentic interviews as well as thorough research and describes, what you have to know about them and how to solve the problems. From drug traffickers, pimps and burglars to money launderers, marriages, rockers and refugee smugglers, cybercriminals and Arab family clans – the reader will get uncensored insights into spheres that are otherwise closed to people.

A criminal defendant gives uncensored insights into criminal parallel companies. HERE TO ORDER AMAZON „There is nothing that moves the media more than the issue of crime, many people have great fears and are insecure, the powerlessness of the police is talking about an under-migration of society through criminal structures that are spreading, but there is Parallel worlds really and how does it look in them? Burkhard Benecken is one of Germany’s most famous lawyers. His clients include the greatness of the underworld, but he also has to deal with everyday crime. This book focuses on the dark side of this republic. …. „

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