No go zones – such places are a reality in germany, Angela Merkel admits

In the interview Merkel referred to no-go zones as places where people are afraid to go, and then she admits there ARE no-go areas in Germany. The German Chancellor confessed there are places in her nation “where people are afraid to go”

„There cannot be any no-go areas, there cannot be areas where people are afraid to go – but such places are a reality.“Angela Merkel

“So we have to call them what they are and do something about them. “

At the start of this year, Police Union chief Rainer Wendt claimed authorities are unable to enforce the law thanks to the rise of dangerous no-go zones caused as a result of mass immigration. He demanded German politicians get crime levels under control or risk “police-free zones in Germany”. The police chief said the no-go areas could end up being ruled under criminal laws or even Sharia law, rather than those set out by the German government. Angela Merkel has admitted no-go zones in Germany are a ‚reality‘

He added: “The year 2017 must be a year of law enforcement. And indeed the most consistent prosecution for those who believe not to abide by the laws in Germany.“

When quizzed over the names of the areas, Mrs Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters on Wednesday that „the chancellor’s words speak for themselves“.

Interior Ministry spokesman Johannes Dimroth declined to comment on the no-go areas, saying it was a matter of security for local not federal authorities. German police officers are not even allowed to go in the no-go zones

There are as many as 40 places named in confidential police reports – despite repeated denials from officers – according to a report by US think-thank Gatestone Institute. 
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