Afghan migrant Hussein K. and the Greek girl – he was sentenced to 10 years


According to research by the magazine „Stern“ Hussein K. is supposed to be a convicted violent offender. The refugee assaulted  a 20-year-old student 2013 in Corfu and have thrown down the girl to the steep coast.

The Greek media reported on the arrest of the offender and the investigation into attempted murder and robbery. The age of the refugee appeared to investigators time to play: He maintains the material time only to be 17 years old. In the determination, however, this could not be refuted.

The Afghan was allegedly guesses released early or deported from the prison.

In November 2015 he reached Germany and registered under the name Hussein K. as an unaccompanied refugee. His age he gave was 16.

The „Stern“ said that two refugees from the Middle East knew the previously unknown history of Hussein K. and independently in Corfu contact with him would have had. Extract from the „Stern:

„Further research supported the statements of the men. To view photos that exist of the editors, the perpetrators of Corfu. On the right breast a tattoo is visible in the form of candles. The same tattoo appears on a photo of the alleged murderer of Maria L.. „

The individual photos:

The large photo at the top had to be asked Facebook profile on 11.25.2016 the Afghan – circa. For 5 weeks, after Maria L. raped and murdered afterwards.

The photo in which he is seen with one of his friends, was taken on the Dreisam riverside, near the Schwabentorbrücke and is about 2 km away from the scene. Perhaps this seems to have been his hunting ground.

The photo with the eagle tattoo and the slogan was written in Dari / Farsi. Under the bird stands in Persian: „What happened to us was our destiny. All that is gone around us in the head, shows that we have not lived mindfully. When we wanted to think, it was too late, and was on our doorstep: Who died „.


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